Circuit design with an Apple Newton

fleXYcad.pkg software for the Newton is available on the downloads page

fleXYcad assists with the layout of electronic components on perforated strip-board.
Simply pick-and-place components and adjust the circuit-design by removing and replacing the items.
For some completed working fleXYcad -style circuits look here: examples.

In fleXYcad(v2) a PCB layout can be automatically created, and then laser-printed for making a DIY circuit-board.
A trial run making one PCB is explained here, with extra details here: etching.
fleXYcad layouts may also be turned into circuit-boards using gerb20.exe, available from the downloads page.

Sample illustrations (of a non-functioning circuit):

      lower board view: 

After re-positioning three vertical links this sample PCB layout was produced:

FleXYcad can also be used to construct a useful schematic, but it is unable to add labels.
For Newton OS2 devices, the schematic image can be transferred to a PC and component values added there.

Further instructions for fleXYcad(v2) users:
D9 serial-shape (left and right positions) requires an adjacent connector
to activate each pin for the PCB layout:

Other tips:
1. To preserve the exact board size during Saving and Loading, add a Cut in each corner.
2. FleXYcad only displays circuits having a complete fleXYcad name-string. For better file management, consider storing  finished circuits in a new folder, and remove the letter 'd' from the fleXYcad string in the circuit-text to prevent it being displayed in the file-list.
3. For a speedy transfer of circuits from the Newton to a PC for archiving, try using slump.exe which is available on the downloads page.